some closure

Hey guys, I know its been over a year now. What was originally intended to be a brief break from posting to get a grip on senior year soon stretched into a year long hiatus, and now I feel it is time to tie up loose ends. I love and appreciate what blogging gave me, a platform for sharing a part of myself with the world, something that pushed me to be a better writer, artist and photographer (not to mention morsartorially challenging), and I've talked to Tangerine and I know she feels the same way. I met other amazing bloggers and found a community here that I am still so thankful for. This year and a half long venture records a very specific point of our lives. 

However, at this point, both of us feel uncomfortable to have so much personal content floating around on the internet. We have both changed a lot in the past year, and this fossil from are past, while nostalgic, does not feel like a true representation of our identities. For that reason, I have privatized all the archives and saved the posts as drafts. We hope you understand our decision to do so. To every reader, commenter, and friend, thank you so much for supporting us and this blog for so long. We have both graduated from high school now (thank god) and have settled into our respective colleges, far far away from the woods featured in this blog. I am studying art and decision science in Pittsburgh and Tangerine is attending college in Georgia. You can keep in touch with us through our tumblr's, which we are pretty faithful at updating. Mine is indigoday.tumblr.com and Tangerine's is tangerine-days.tumblr.com.
We wish you the best. Good luck. And once again, thank you.

Indigo and Tangerine.